Why DocPP

“DocPP- Doctors Private Practice Solution”
A great architect of Hospital management………..!!!!

A cloud-based highly flexible, superior comprehensive software; solution to manage your entire hospital management.

It can integrate with revenue optimization, property management, human management, asset management and sustainability and business intelligence at a lower total cost of ownership. A unique designed IT solution for the Doctors and General Medical Practitioners.

Our software will give you all round management services:

 Expense Tracking
 Appointment Management
 Inventory control
 Patient Registration
 In-Patient Management System
 Lab Information System
 Pharmacy Information System (Drugs, Opticals)
 Hospital Support Function System
 Pharmacy with Inventory
 System Security & Software Management
 Billing System, Billing & Invoicing
 Claims Management
 Accounting Management
 Out-Patient Management

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"DocPP"- Comprehensive EMR system

We are promoting a comprehensive cloud-based software solution calling as DocPP, for the General Practitioners, Medical officers and those who looking for an electronic patient records system for the privacy practices as well for the medical centers.


Private Practice Solutions for all Doctors/Medical Practitioners. Exclusively Sri Lankan product which based on cloud computing and engineered by Sri Lankan Software Engineers.. It has made out of all common requirements, for a Doctor to manage his/her patients at his PP.

01 month free



We provide your initial Hardware Requirement at lowest cost which includes used Dell Desktop Computer + Brand new Cannon 6030 Laser Printer, TABs 

General Features:

  • Completely Internet-Based Solution
  • No Server Maintenance or Other Hardware Cost,
  • Easy Access through Internet from Anywhere Anytime.
  • Sri Lankan Product
  • No more papers.
  • Data Stored in a Secured Cloud. No data loss.
  • Just Requires Internet Enabled PC & Printer to print Prescriptions, detailed & normal bills, Medical certificates.
  • Track Patient Medical records
  • Manage and forecast financial statistics (Earnings for a period) in charts.
  • Unlimited user account creation for Doctors, Dispensers & Nurses
  • Integrated Laboratory Management System
  • Manage your Drug Inventory.
  • FREE updates for future enhancements.
  • One-time Software fee.
  • Money back policy after five successful new business contacts.
  • Patient Queue management according to the OPD Counters.
  • 'Set-Menu Drug List' option enables you to prescribe pre-selected drug set again & again without select 1 by 1. It will save you time.
  • 'Patient's Drug' option for regular patients with Diabetes, Hypertension & CVA
  • Referral Letter Generation
  • No matter where you are and what device you are using.

DocPP - Functionalities in different User levels.


Receptionist (Level I)

  • New patient registration
  • Modify Patient Data
  • Issue Patient ID with the barcode.
  • Make OPD Appointments.
  • Multiple Appointment reservation for the Doctors.
  • Ready the patient through by entering investigations results prior to the consultation.
  • Print & issue Token number to the waiting patients.


Dispensary User/ Cashier (Level I)

  • View today's prescribed medicines to issue.
  • Accept payments and Mark as “PAID” after collecting charges. (Through “Payments pending list”)
  • View Re-Order below drugs.
  • Ready the patient through by entering investigations results prior to the consultation.


Doctor (Level II)

  • Search the patient via Bar-code scanning or Search by Name.
  • Pick the patient from Patient Queue and create "This Visit".
  • Enter / Modify “First Visit Info”
  • Enter / Modify “This visit Info”
  • Add “Complaints, Diagnosis, “ to the doctor’s hint list, and select then as HINTs.
  • View patients past medical history.
  • Issue & Print Medical Certificates
  • Issue & Print Short Medical bills
  • Make “Direct Payments” pertaining to the patient.
  • Prescribe drugs & print prescription under your PP Letter-head
  • Print Detailed medical bill with drugs issued.
  • Add out-side Laboratory report results.
  • View past Laboratory investigation results, Compare them with last entries.
  • Delete patient
  • Add New Drug Names
  • ICD10 classification reference.
  • Manage unwanted “Complaints Hints”.
  • Manage unwanted “Diagnosis Hints”.
  • View drugs below Re-Order level.
  • View recently expire drugs.
  • Get a list of patients diagnosed for a filtered period.
  • Print & Issue Referrals to the Outside Consultation.
  • Managing Customized List of Laboratory Investigations.
  • Managing a Customized List of Out-Side Referral Consultant Names.
  • View Dashboards
  • Print Summary Report (A4):  Patient's all past visits including prescribed drugs.


Administrator (Level III)

  • Modify Private Practice Account Information (PP Name, Address, Logo, Doctor Charge &, etc.)
  • User Management (Add/Delete Doctors, Dispensers).
  • View/Modify Doctors, Dispensers registered under PP
  • Add new Suppliers Info
  • Modify/ View registered Suppliers.
  • Add New Drug Names
  • Add New stocks to the internal dispensary
  • Modify/View added drugs. (Name, Selling Price, Cost Price, Qty, Re-Order Level, re-Order Qty)
  • View drug purchase history
  • View private practice earnings reports (Weekly, Monthly)
  • View Expenditure for Drug in any given search date period.
  • Calculate PP Profits in any given search date period.
  • Data Export as Excel to do further big data analysis.

Frequently Ask Questions

DocPP: Frequently Ask Questions


1. Which professions are able to use DocPP?

Any practitioner of any profession can use DocPP. DocPP is tailored specifically to your profession in your country, including GPs/physicians, medical specialists, allied health and complementary medicine providers.


2. Is it for clinics, sole practitioners or large practices?

DocPP can be used in practices of all sizes and types, including sole practices, group practices, as well as large multi-profession, multi-location practice clinics.


3. Do I need to install anything to use DocPP?

No! DocPP is online software, so you do not need to install any software. All you need to do is login to DocPP using your username and password known only to you.


4. Can I use it on PCs or Mac computers? Can I use it on an iPad?

You can use DocPP on any computer, including PCs or Mac computers, as well as on iPads.


5. How do updates happen?

Updates to your DocPP account happen automatically, so you do not need to install any updates or patches, and can just get on with using DocPP.


6. How secure is my DocPP software?

DocPP is backed by bank grade security and 256-bit encryption. All information is encrypted and stored in a securely protected data centre with multiple backups in place. You nominate a unique username and password, which means your account is only viewable by you, or others to whom you grant secure access.


7. Can a receptionist use the software in a group practice?

Yes. A receptionist can use DocPP, and manage appointments, invoices and payments across practitioners within a practice.


8. Can I add a user after I sign up?

Yes, you can add a practitioner or a receptionist any time and also assign their access levels.


9. Can I print my diary?

Yes, diaries, invoices and patient reports are all able to be printed.


10. Does my DocPP software do financial reports?


Yes. DocPP completes your invoicing, billing and revenue calculations for you. You can also track your practice costs, and enable profit and loss reporting. DocPP also calculates BAS accounts for Australian practitioners.


Who we are...,

HealthCare.LK (Pvt) Ltd is a registered company in Sri Lanka under the Companies Act 08 in 2003 and has obtained registration number as "PV00217725" which is the prime software product solutions provider in all HealthCare IT needs in Sri Lanka. It consists of a group of professionals from different backgrounds in health as well in the IT sector.

Low Cost Internet Architecture

DocPP may require less than 200MB internet bandwidth to run your practice for one month. You can have simple internet network architecture to connect each computer into DocPP if you have separate PCs for Dispenser, Doctor & Owner in your practice as follows;

 If you have Desktop PCs, use WIFI dongles to connect with wifi router. 

Possible internet suppliers;

  • Dialog 4G
  • SLT 4G
  • Mobitel 3G Dongle for each PC
  • SLT ADSL Conn

About Us

We are leading Healthcare systems and solutions provider in Sri Lanka. HealthCare.LK, an Sri Lankan start-up IT company in 2007. 

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