DocPP - "Doctors Private Practice" for Private Medical Practitioners


DocPP is a one month free health information system descended from HealthCare.LK especially designed for use in private practice. This includes an Electronic Medical Record System, Patient Registration and a Pharmacy Management System. 

Private Practice Solutions for all Doctors/Medical Practitioners. Exclusively Sri Lankan product which based on cloud computing and engineered by Sri Lankan Software Engineers.. It has made out of all common requirements, for a Doctor to manage his/her patients at his PP.

01 month free



We provide your initial Hardware Requirement at lowest cost which includes used Dell Desktop Computer + Brand new Cannon 6030 Laser Printer, TABs 

General Features:

  • Completely Internet Based Solution
  • No Server Maintenance or Other Hardware Cost,
  • Easy Access through Internet from Anywhere Anytime.
  • Sri Lankan Product
  • No more papers.
  • Data Stored in a Secured Cloud. No data loss.
  • Just Requires Internet Enabled PC & Printer to print Prescriptions, detailed & normal bills, Medical certificates.
  • Track Patient Medical records
  • Manage and forecast financial statistics (Earnings for a period) in charts.
  • Unlimited user account creation for Doctors, Dispensers & Nurses
  • Integrated Laboratory Management System
  • Manage your Drug Inventory.
  • FREE updates for future enhancements.
  • One-time Software fee.
  • Money back policy after five successfull new business contacts.
  • Patient Queue management according to the OPD Counters.
  • 'My Favorite Drug' option enables you to prescribe pre-selected drug set again & again without select 1 by 1. It will save your time.
  • 'Patient Favorite Drug' option for regular patients with Diabetes, Hypertention & CVA
  • Referral Letter Generation
  • No matter where you are and what device you are using.

DocPP - Functionalities in different User levels.


Receptionist (Level I)

  • New patient registration
  • Modify Patient Data
  • Issue Patient ID with barcode.
  • Make OPD Appointments.
  • Multiple Appointment reservation for the Doctors.
  • Ready patient through by entering investigations results prior to the consultation.
  • Print & issue Token number to the waiting patients.


Dispensary User/ Cashier (Level I)

  • View todays prescribed medicines to issue.
  • Accept payments and Mark as “PAID” after collecting charges. (Through “Payments pending list”)
  • View Re-Order below drugs.
  • Ready patient through by entering investigations results prior to the consultation.


Doctor (Level II)

  • Search patient via Bar-code scanning or Search by Name.
  • Pick patient from Patient Queue and create "This Visit".
  • Enter / Modify “First Visit Info”
  • Enter / Modify “This visit Info”
  • Add “Complaints, Diagnosis, “ to the doctor’s hint list, and select then as HINTs.
  • View patients past medical history.
  • Issue & Print Medical Certificates
  • Issue & Print Short Medical bills
  • Make “Direct Payments” pertaining to the patient.
  • Prescribe drugs & print prescription under your PP Letter-head
  • Print De-tailed medical bill with drugs issued.
  • Add out-side Laboratory report results.
  • View past Laboratory investigation results, Compare them with last entries.
  • Delete patient
  • Add New Drug Names
  • ICD10 classification reference.
  • Manage unwanted “Complaints Hints”.
  • Manage unwanted “Diagnosis Hints”.
  • View drugs below Re-Order level.
  • View recently expire drugs.
  • Get list of patients diagnosed for a filtered period.
  • Print & Issue Referrals to the Outside Consultation.
  • Managing Customized List of Laboratory Investigations.
  • Managing Customized List of Out-Side Referral Consultant Names.
  • View Dashboards


Administrator (Level III)

  • Modify Private Practice Account Information (PP Name, Address, Logo, Doctor Charge & etc.)
  • User Management (Add/Delete Doctors, Dispensers).
  • View/Modify Doctors, Dispensers registered under PP
  • Add new Suppliers Info
  • Modify/ View registered Suppliers.
  • Add New Drug Names
  • Add New stocks to the internal dispensary
  • Modify/View added drugs. (Name, Selling Price, Cost Price, Qty, Re-Order Level, re-Order Qty)
  • View drug purchase history
  • View private practice earnings reports (Weekly, Monthly)
  • View Expenditure for Drug in any given search date period.
  • Calculate PP Profits in any given search date period.
  • Data Export as Excel to do further big data analysis.

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We are leading Healthcare systems and solutions provider in Sri Lanka. HealthCare.LK is a service provided byUmP Web Solutions, an Sri Lankan start-up IT company in 2007. 

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